Louis Deangelo

Louis DeAngelo, Sr.┬áis a modern avant-garde artist well versed in conveying passion through color on canvas. DeAngelo feels that an artist must first have something to communicate, then he/she must have the technique to successfully convey it. No amount of ability can substitute for the feeling or emotion that must initially motivate the creative act. Lou’s motivation is color.

A self-taught artist, DeAngelo’s work focuses on experimentation with media and subject, creating a playful, engaging atmosphere with each brush stroke. His use of flowing patterns, texture, contour and color swirl together to form pieces of great depth suitable for any setting. Always reinventing and evolving as an artist, DeAngelo’s true talent lies in his expressive freedom and unabashed use of unexpected media. At once intoxicating and brilliant, the art of Louis DeAngelo is inventive, abstract and a long time in the making.

A native of New Jersey, Louis currently lives in Baton Rouge. He is encouraged by his wife, three children and nine grandchildren.